House Doctors

Times have changed and most doctors have stopped making house calls, but not the House Doctors. They have a skilled handymen ready to come to your home to do whatever you need.

Franchisees receive 6 days of extensive training at corporate headquarters covering all aspect of the business including marketing, technical know-how and business procedures. While in business, House Doctors provide continuous support and assistance.

House Doctors’ best advertising is “word-of-mouth” through personal recommendations by home owners, real estate agents, friends and neighbors. To supplement word-of-mouth, House Doctors have an unmatched year-round marketing program which includes pre-approved artwork for direct mail, newspaper ads, magazine ad slicks, color brochures, rebate certificates, coupons, site signs, Realtor presentations, trade show exhibit, publicity releases and radio spots. This complete program is started even before you do your first job.

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