Advanced Placemat Advertising – What if …You looked forward to going to work each day. You could be creative. You set your own hours and could be your own boss.

Advanced Placemat Advertising – What if …You looked forward to going to work each day. You could be creative. You set your own hours and could be your own boss.

…and what if this new venture was In an exciting expanding field. Reasonably priced. The leader in the industry. Able to be started on a part time or full time basis. Offered by the founder of the most successful video franchise in North America.

Advanced Placemat Advertising Offers the Solution.

Placemat advertising is the fastest growing form of advertising and provides a valuable service with incredible potential. The fact is that today businesses are embracing placemat advertising as the least expensive, highest exposure form of advertising.

The business has shown to have a repeat business as high as 80% after the first year.

The restaurant receives the placemats free. The cost is shared by the advertisers who’s ads appear around the placemat.

We provide what you need to get into business.

Advanced Placemat Advertising provides a step by step plan for success to aspiring entrepreneurs. No matter what your background or experience, we can put you on the road to a bright future in the placemat advertising business and give you more than a year’s a jump on the competition

Marketing: Our marketing program is built on methods developed, proven and used by our affiliates across the United States. This experience lets you hit the ground knowing in advance who your qualified prospects are.

Training: Our training program successfully introduces you to the placemat advertising world including marketing, hands on training, and guidance running your business.

On-going Education Program: Keeps you up to date through our corporate support.

Corporate Support: You are welcome to contact the corporate office at any time for any assistance you may need, be it marketing, qualifying prospects, invoicing clients, or any other item we may assist you.

No Royalty Fees: Fees are based on a small fixed rate, not taken out as part of your sales.

Full-time or Part-time — you have the flexibility.

Our business can easily be started on a part-time basis and can be run from your home. As an Advanced Placemat Advertising franchise owner, your business has remarkable flexibility. And since you control your own schedule, you can design it to fit your busy lifestyle.

A home-based business offers tax advantages, flexibility and the opportunity to be with the people that mean the most to you. Imagine… a home-based business with all its benefits — Very low overhead, no inventory, no employees and a very short commute.

Begin the Journey

Advanced Placemat Advertising offers the ultimate in freedom, creativity and expression. Our system sets you up with all the marketing materials, support and business knowledge you’ll need to build a business. How you implement that information is strictly up to you — You are truly your own boss.

Each journey begins with small steps. If this opportunity sounds like the right fit for you, please contact us for more information.


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