Aero Colours offers a unique mobile paint repair process that restores paint on vehicles to near-new condition at a price that cannot be matched by traditional paint repair facilities.

With our superior paint repair processes, industry-leading products, and highly trained and motivated franchisees, Aero Colours is recognized as the market leader in the paint repair industry. In our network of over 275 operating units in 28 states and 4 countries, more than 200,000 vehicles were serviced by Aero Colours technicians last year alone.

Five Distinct Processes

Most vehicles today are operated under severe driving conditions and incur some type of damage to their painted finish. Aero Colours has five separate and distinct processes that can be used in combination to restore a vehicle’s paint to near-new condition. These services utilize our unique airbrush technology and our spot blending techniques. Each is designed to provide a high quality repair at minimal cost to the customer. Types of repairs include:

Chip Repair – Utilizing our airbrush technology, this service restores the nicks and chips encountered anywhere on a vehicle while matching the original color.

Scratch Repair – Removing any and all surface scratches on a vehicle without harming the delicate surface of the vehicle.

Scuff Repair – Removal of scuff marks without painting the damaged area.

Spot Repair – Aero Colours has developed a process to repair a damaged area that is found in the middle of any panel on a vehicle. This process will repair minor damage as well as key-scratch type damage.

Bumper Repair – Repainting of plastic bumpers. The benefits of owning an Aero Colours franchise…

Exclusive Territories Gives only YOU the power to maximize your market potential.

Experience We are the most established paint repair company with over 15 years of experience.

Expertise Our people are experts with painting products and processes.

Proprietary Products Aero Colours has developed three exclusive products that are used in the painting process.

Research and Development Our full-time chemical engineer helps you maintain your technological lead.

Training and Support We offer an extensive training program both at our National Training Center and in the field with our certified training experts. Ready to get into your own business?

Through our superior paint repair processes, industry-leading products and business knowledge, Aero Colours offers the chance to go into business with an industry leader.

Experience in paint repair is not necessary as many of our successful franchisees came from other types of businesses and careers.

If you are interested in what Aero Colours can offer you, please contact us for more information.


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