Power Window Repair Express – Revolutionizing the power window repair industry.

Once reserved as an option only on luxury cars, power windows are now standard equipment on most automobiles. Today’s lighter vehicles are constructed with less sturdy materials, such as plastic, that decrease the working life of many vehicle features – including power window assemblies. With millions of cars that have power windows out of warranty, Power Window Repair Express offers a unique opportunity repairing and servicing these automobiles. It’s the only franchise of its type in the world.

Our goal is to change the vehicle owner’s perception of the experience of repairing power windows. Much the same as we think of taking our vehicles to an instant oil change shop – quick, convenient, and inexpensive! Power windows are suprisingly quick to repair, just 20 minutes average repair time per door.

All Inclusive Franchise System

A complete and comprehensive training program, including classroom and field instruction and ongoing developmental support. Extended training will be provided as new products and systems are created by auto designers and manufacturers.

A “seven sights and sounds” diagnostic technique, allowing for accurate quotes on the phone.

Large protected territories.

You receive a specially built power window repair vehicle including bins, tubs and shelves with a large inventory of motors, gears, regulators, supplies and tools. Also included are marketing supplies such as shirts, magnets, labels, brochures and more.

Ongoing support and advertising pieces including television and radio ads. A “Window” of Opportunity

URL: www.pwrexpress.com

Tel: 502-432-5188

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