Athletic Programs (API) is a premier specialty advertising agency.

Put Your Sales Expertise To Work In A Satisfying, Home-Based Business.

What Is Athletic Programs, Inc.?

Athletic Programs (API) is a premier specialty advertising agency. We specialize in the school folder, book cover and poster business through “institutional” advertising sales (selling on behalf of a school or other school organizations). Our clients are schools (junior and senior high schools, middle schools, colleges and universities) and the local advertisers supporting the programs throughout the country.

What Do We Do?

API custom designs one of our programs in an institution’s school colors with their school logo on the front. They are designed to be a reference guide for the student body, faculty and families at the school. We often suggest that they print all the major upcoming sports schedules, rules and regulations, student events, maps, name directories or guidance information. This makes the program more popular with the students and enhances student participation in these activities. The specialty folder, also referred to as a pocket portfolio, is a sturdy two pocket or three pocket product.

API provides our products to the school at no cost. In some cases, the schools may use them as a fund raiser and receive rebate money from the program. It is our company’s responsibility to seek out and sell advertisements to several sponsors in their community which we obtain from leads provided by the school. As a full service advertising agency, API coordinates the production from gathering the art work from advertisers, to coordinating with the print shops all the way to the final shipment to the school Why We Are Unique

Our attention to detail and ethics is most definitely reflected in our 94% annual school renewal rate and 75% advertising renewal rate over the past twelve years. We operate under and according to the strictest standards of business ethics.

All aspects of the product, (design and soliciting) are approved and controlled by the school. We have a very special “customer service” process in place for our school and advertiser accounts. We take extreme pride in our community work and strive at all times to yield high quality results.

Advantages Of Owning Our Franchise

Low Purchase Price – $30,000 or less Quick Payback Period – 1 – 2 years Business Debt – None Advertising Budget – None required Low System Fee – Only 4% of sales Personnel Required – Yourself at start Store or Office Site – None required Sales Predictability – High percentage of repeat buyers Exclusive Territory – Usually your own state

The Athletic Programs Opportunity

We believe that other Athletic Programs entrepreneurs, through their own hard work and effort, will be able to recreate our process. Similarly, they will have the opportunity to achieve equivalent or higher success.

Your income and profit is based on the total number of schools you can sign up and the total dollar amount of advertisements you sell at each school. The production costs to make the product and the 4% royalty fee are the only constant expenses against your sales at each school. If you maintained our company sales average, you can potentially yield almost a 70% profit margin at each school, defined as sales revenue less production costs and royalties. A successful franchise is up to you and your dedicated efforts. Following our time-tested strategies, even a part time API business owner can achieve a solid income after their basic operating expenses, ie. gas, telephone, travel, taxes, etc.


Tel: 800-845-4531 or 732-536-9102

Company: ATHLETIC PROGRAMS, INC. City: MorganvilleState: NJZip: 07751

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