Interquest Detection Canines: A nose for success!

Imagine owning a business that comes with a sharpened sense of achievement.

Drugs and contraband are one of the biggest problems plaguing campuses and businesses today. Drug pushers have cited the fact that 80% of drugs are sold on school campuses. Studies reflect a continued rise in the use of illicit drugs by school age children, beginning at age 9!

And drugs aren’t the only problem. Last year alone, over 1,000,000 school age children brought weapons, including guns, to school. Each year, thousands of children are injured or killed on school campuses.

A nose for success.

With over twenty years of experience, InterquestTM offers a way of doing business that reduces the incident of drugs and contraband in schools and businesses through a unique canine detection program.

The Interquest franchise opportunity is based on years of research, development and teamwork. Our system of doing business is based on the principle that “we’re all on the same team.” Whether you are a former law enforcement official, an educator, dog trainer, concerned parent, or simply someone who understands dogs, the Interquest franchising opportunity is worth a close look.

It offers a unique opportunity to make a difference by using the gifts and learned skills of man’s best friend. With the Interquest program, everyone comes out a winner.

Interquest currently services over 4,000 campus locations nationally which includes more than 3,500,000 students. We also provide canine services to many commercial and industrial clients throughout the United States.

Highly accepted, highly effective.

Schools that have implemented an Interquest program have witnessed dramatic reductions in the presence of drugs and contraband. Once a school starts an Interquest program, they usually stick with it. Why? There are many reasons Interquest enjoys a high acceptance rate by students and administrators who have experienced the program.

Using only friendly, non-aggressive Golden and Labrador Retrievers, we encourage students to develop a positive relationship with our canines while on campus. We act as an agent of the school district and follow the standards afforded to “reasonable cause.”

However, you will never find our dogs sniffing out a student, as they are restricted to items of property only.

Not only have we received a high acceptance rating, we have proof that the program works. Where the Interquest program is discontinued, the incidence of drugs rises significantly.

Why Interquest?

More than 2 decades of providing canines to schools and industry National exposure serving 3.5 million students and numerous Fortune 1000 corporations nationwide Experience with precedent setting legal cases on the use of dogs Initiated several successful start-up operations in a number of states Developed a state of the art computer software program to track canine statistics and reliability Earned a reputation for quality, reliability and integrity

You can make a difference with the Interquest program.

Consider all the potential for a program of this sort. The market potential coupled with the Interquest experience, is the key to a truly exciting franchising opportunity!

On a more personal level, our franchise program will enhance your personal well-being and success as the owner of your own business. There are few things in life more rewarding than being your own boss and enjoying an income of unlimited potential!


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