Mixing Business with Passion with a Wild Bird Center franchise

The Best of Business and Nature

When the first Wild Bird Center opened in 1985, one could only imagine how many people would share our love for birds. Since then, interest in this exciting pastime has soared, and birdwatchers across the U.S. and Canada have found the quality products and advice they want from our growing network of stores.

Today, there are nearly 100 Wild Bird Centers throughout the United States and Canada. The stores carry a complete line of birding products such as seed, feeders, binoculars, and books. Each Wild Bird Center also serves as a valuable community resource and provides demonstrations, kids’ programs, and other educational events.

Mixing Business with Passion

With a Wild Bird Center franchise, you can make a positive difference in your community doing work you find meaningful and satisfying. You’ll be your own boss, and enjoy mixing business with your passion for birds and nature. Whether you’re a backyard birdwatcher or an experienced naturalist, you’ll enjoy the rewards of teaching others more about the environment that surrounds us.

Your Head Start from the Industry’s Best

As a Wild Bird Center store owner, you’ll enjoy many unique advantages that give you a wing up on the competition. With years of franchise experience, we’ve developed patented products and sound techniques to help you get the most of your new business right from the start.

Private Label products We continually expand our exclusive line of Wild Bird Center Private Label products, including proprietary seed mixes and our wildly successful MobiMeshTM line of feeders. All of our Private Label products are researched and tested extensively and only released to our stores when they have proven themselves superior to other leading industry products. Nationally acclaimed newsletter Praised by everyone from National Geographic editors to people who hate reading newspapers, Wild Bird News heightens interest, enhances your credibility, establishes each store’s community image, and promotes the customer loyalty that is key to its long-term success. (See our Contact page for a free sample.) TopFlightTM computer system This PC-based point-of-sale register system has been custom-designed for our business. It helps you manage your inventory, time, money, advertising, and marketing lists. You’ll know who is buying, what and how much they buy, and how to communicate with each customer as an individual with unique needs and preferences. Intranet Franchisees can communicate through the World Wide Web with an internal, franchise-wide Intranet. The WBCA Intranet features online discussion groups, e-mail links to other store owners, information about special product promotions, access to company documents in digital form, and much more. Store design package We offer a unique trade dress package that makes coming to your store an experience customers want to enjoy again and again. Cooperation Sharing is a valued aspect of our organizational culture. Each franchisee has unique talents, ideas and experiences, and benefits from the strengths of others. Contributions range from sharing photographs to newsletter articles or ideas for merchandising, advertising, promotion, or community programs. Franchisees also benefit from cooperative promotions and product transfers between stores, and often refer customers to each other. Comprehensive training program Our consistently praised, ten-day training program is evidence of our dedication to helping you become the best business owner you can be and gain maximum return on your store investment. Community Programs Our franchises become integrated into the fabric of their communities, to the extent that they are often viewed as indispensable. With the curriculum, promotional materials, and assistance we provide, you can establish your store as a true community resource and enjoy intense community loyalty, support, and pride.

A Genuine Love of Birds and People You do not need to be a birding expert to own a Wild Bird Center franchise. We look for qualified owners who can project and inspire a genuine love for birds, nature and people. If you would like additional franchise information, please contact us.

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