Nurturing Self-Esteem Through The Performing Arts

TheaterFun is a great opportunity to own a business while helping children develop self confidence. And what a wonderful feeling it will be, realizing that your endeavors have put a perpetual smile on a child’s face, while instilling a high level of self-esteem.

If becoming an entrepreneur and contributing to the development of the minds of our children interests you, then the TheaterFun Franchise Program could be your finest performance.

Each TheaterFun School program is an opportunity for children to overcome their shyness. Through a series of Theater skill exercises and ending with the performance of a short play, each child will discover the empowerment that self-confidence provides scene after scene.

For parties of any sort and kids of all ages, our line-up of entertainment will make quite an impression on clients. Special theme parties that can be tailored for groups of any size will put a smile on faces young, and not so young.

From The Leader In Children’s Education

Theater Fun is from the founders of Mad Science®, a groundbreaking company and leading provider of hands-on scientific activities for children around the world. With more than 130 locations in 22+ countries, Mad Science teaches young people about science while entertaining them — that is what we’re all about.

The Value of Experience From A Great Supporting Cast

By partnering with TheaterFun, you can take advantage of over a decade of experience in educating and entertaining children. As your guide, we provide direction to help you build a growing business. Everything from helping you to hire and train staff, develop innovative sales and marketing strategies to coordinating day to day operations, our role will always be supportive.

TheaterFun offers each franchisee: training, a first year on site visit, semi-annual conferences, nation-wide email system and a password protected extranet, helpful tools accessible to you 24 hours a day! Our complete support system will provide you with the proper tools and resources to obtain maximum growth with a standing ovation.

Achieve A Stellar Performance With This Franchise

*No acting or drama experience is required, but some sales and marketing skills would be an asset. *A low cost of entry makes it easier to get the show on the road. *You have the option of operating as a home-based venue. *Low overhead expenses allow your production to stay on budget. *A healthy gross margin of 50% to 70% on each program. *Your territory gives you center stage. *A worthwhile and noble product that benefits children, parents and the entire community — and puts you in the spotlight.

All The World’s A Stage For Success The TheaterFun Franchise Program offers a unique opportunity to help nurture self-esteem in children through the performing arts, receive praise from your community and achieve your dreams.

TheaterFun is a full-time, year-round business and can include numerous areas such as schools, camps, parties and company picnics. As a repeat business, it offers the possibility of many encore performances. To explore the amazing opportunities available to you as a franchisee, contact us and we’ll answer all your questions and provide additional details.


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