COLOR YOUR CARPET®: A unique franchise opportunity to “dye” for!

COLOR YOUR CARPET® is the only onsite, fulltime, 100% carpet dyeing & color restoration service in the world. Our unique Carpet Color Care services provide property owners with a cost-effective alternative to costly and unnecessary carpet replacement. Anywhere there is carpet or rugs, there is a need for COLOR YOUR CARPET® services!

NO COMPETITION! – (Find out why)

After over two decades of research & actual use, COLOR YOUR CARPET® has created an extraordinary niche franchise system. Developed to provide property owners and managers an intelligent, cost-effective alternative to the costly carpet replacement.

DYEING is our only Business!!!

We are not carpet cleaners! In fact, a large percentage of our business is derived from referrals by the best carpet cleaners. COLOR YOUR CARPET® franchisees enjoy a tremendous percentage of referral and preferred or exclusive vendor status after nearly every new job! Every new client is skeptical at first. Many real estate professionals, insurance adjusters, property managers, owners, contracted service providers, carpet retailers and even carpet cleaners refer their customers exclusively to our franchisees after witnessing the results of our exciting color restoration and dyeing services.

Certified Dye Technologists and DyeMasters who provide a full range of expert carpet dyeing, color restoration & carpet analysis services. Our franchise network currently has franchisees that own and/or operate franchise units in 190+ cities in 5 countries. We have served more than 500,000 property owners, always with amazing results. Our franchisees and their staff delight in the miracles we deliver everyday!

Commercial, Residential & Industrial Services

COLOR YOUR CARPET® caters to upscale properties. From faded or bleached out small areas (pictured here) to total color renovation or restoration of any commercial, industrial or residential property such as grand scale prestigious office buildings, resorts or residential properties and estates, to design applications for architects and ASID members to large industrial facilities. There are also other applications such as furniture, vehicles, aircraft and watercraft.

COLOR YOUR CARPET® shows just one commercial property problem here. Faded, bleached or badly stained areas, would have caused an unexpected cost of $15K to $25K for carpet replacement at this hotel property. The hotel owner was extremely skeptical at first.

COLOR YOUR CARPET® was able to save this owner from replacing 50 rooms of carpet that was only about 2 years old! Here, we restored just the first few feet of 50 rooms in just 2 days for a fee of just $50 per room. We matched the original carpet color perfectly in each room. This led to many future jobs! Carpet doesn’t “wear out”, it just UGLIES-OUT”!!! Billions of dollars are spent needlessly each year to replace carpet in homes and businesses. That carpet could have been restored or dyed by the COLOR YOUR CARPET® system for a mere fraction of the cost of new carpet. Believe it or not, most people have no idea that expert on-site carpet dyeing & color restoration is even possible.

Proprietary Dyes and Process

COLOR YOUR CARPET® liquid dyes are environmentally friendly, safe, non-toxic, and guaranteed colorfast for the life of the carpet. Our proprietary liquid dyes are truly “in solution”, and just one reason why we have NO COMPETITION except new carpet!

With the COLOR YOUR CARPET® exclusive on-site dyeing process, you can actually walk on the newly dyed carpet in just 60 seconds after application with total confidence that our dye is completely colorfast. Our carpet dyeing services are safe, eco-friendly, convenient and take far less time, inconvenience, cost and downtime than carpet replacement!

Seeing Is Believing – It Works & We Can Prove It! Unbelievable Results for Untapped & Unlimited Markets!

COLOR YOUR CARPET® can change any ugly, old, outdated colors to exciting new vibrant colors. Existing colors can be changed either ever so slightly (we don’t have to dye to dark colors) or to artistic medium colors or to very dramatic dark colors! In all services we dye and clean in one step!

Our Color Services Menu includes:

Color Restoration: Match any existing color while not changing the original or existing carpet color (like large faded, traffic lanes, water damaged or discolored areas in solid or patterned carpet. Color Tint: Deepens original carpet color just a few shades in the SAME color family. Color Changer: Provides a selection of more than 16 million custom colors, even if the desired color is outside of the existing color family (like Mauve to Teal, or Country Blue to Dusty Rose, or Beige to Hunter Green, or ugly, outdated colors to exciting new vibrant colors). Color Keeper: An annual color maintenance treatment for upscale properties to keep carpet color even, vibrant, young and new looking. Protects, preserves, extends and revitalizes the beauty, color and useful life of high quality carpets. Color Fixer: Our unique method of spot dyeing to restore missing color from specific areas; bleach stains, UV fading, ozone fading, peroxides, water marks & unsightly discolorations. Color Correcter: Removes darker-than-original-carpet stains; caused by organic or inorganic staining substances. Stain is completely eliminated and when needed we then spot dye the area to match the surrounding original carpet color and pattern. Design Dyeing: For custom borders, designs, patterns, logos, accents. Complete Carpet Consulting: Unbiased (we don’t sell or clean carpet) comprehensive analysis of existing or future soft floor covering (costs/benefit/performance/useful life), evaluation of existing maintenance program, quality control of carpet performance measures, purchase projections, warranty disclosures & more.

A Highly-Rated Franchise System COLOR YOUR CARPET® Business Awards & Recognition

Beginning with the 1st “GOLD 100” awards conducted in 1990, COLOR YOUR CARPET® was recognized as a winner, rating even one step above the famous McDonalds! The Gold 100 survey of the best evolved franchise companies, was initially conducted by the Arthur Andersen Accounting Firm. COLOR YOUR CARPET® has also been rated as the #1 service franchise of the Top Ten “Up and Coming” Franchises for the next decade in America. COLOR YOUR CARPET® has also been recognized and rated by Ernst & Young, LLP, and by many franchise books and articles as one of the 100 best evolved franchises in America.

However, the two most important ratings are as the “One and Only” #1 position with our franchisees when it comes to franchise ownership and their clients extraordinary customer satisfaction ratings of our services. COLOR YOUR CARPET® offers provides full-time marketing assistance, technical support and a comprehensive academic training course to each franchisee and technician.

Dyeing to get into business for yourself?

COLOR YOUR CARPET® offers a practical, convenient, safe and cost-effective process increasingly popular as property owners and property mangers discover they can save the expense of buying new carpet by using our services. Franchisees create consumer awareness in each new market that opens and are very proud of their work and the COLOR YOUR CARPET® image and identity.

COLOR YOUR CARPET® provides full-time technical support, proven marketing plan, a comprehensive academic and field training course to each franchisee and technician and much more.We provide ALL necessary training and support. Proven marketing strategy and artwork included.No experience in the carpet industry is required. Our “ideal franchisee” must bring “more to the table” than just the required financial resources. We favor transferable business acumen and critical thinking skills. This is not a “no-brainer” business.

So if you think you have what it takes to “dye” for us, or to hire and manage people who do, request additional detailed information below. After reviewing the materials, talking personally to us and our franchisees is the best way to find out if you should consider joining our team. We’re “dyeing” to serve you!


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