Contours Express: fitness and weight loss studio catering exclusively to women.

Contours Express is a ladies-only fitness and weight loss studio franchise with proven methods of success. If you are considering taking advantage of the “ladies-only” fitness trend, it would be worth your while to spend some time learning about our program.

A Franchise Within Reach to the Typical Franchisee

Using top-quality equipment and proven business systems, a busy, well-run ladies-only fitness club is well within your reach as a franchisee.

To your customers, the facility offers:

A comfortable ladies-only environment.

A proven weight loss system.

With our training, you will have a friendly, professional staff to help customers look and feel their best regardless of their current physical condition.

An amazing, structured exercise system that tones and shapes muscle, and burns up to 600 calories.

A regimen that takes only 29 minutes, a few times per week. What makes a Contours Express Franchise Work?

Our “Ladies Only” concept. Studies have shown that the majority of women prefer to exercise and are more comfortable in a ladies only environment.

It is fast and fun! Our sixteen piece training circuit alternates strength training machines with aerobic stations. A cue tape keeps members moving through the circuit at a fast pace. High energy music makes it fun, and a fitness trainer provides motivation and member service. After only 29 minutes, members of all fitness levels have strengthened, shaped, and toned all their major muscle groups, worked their cardiovascular system, improved flexibility, and burned up to 600 calories! This amazing process enables members to increase their metabolism and lean muscle tissue, resulting in a loss of fat as well as weight.

Proven systems. You will be professionally trained with easy-to-use workbooks, manuals, and videos covering general business, sales and marketing, member service, nutritional guidance, and exercise principals and techniques.

Volume Buying. Our volume buying allows us to give you the equipment, franchise privileges, business systems, services and training for less than the retail price of the equipment alone.

Complete training. No prior experience in the fitness industry is required! When you complete our training, you’ll leave with all the keys necessary to successfully operate your new Contours Express! Included is our “Fit-Biz” training, which lasts four days and includes extensive training on all business systems, plus on-site support from one of our fitness professionals who will work with you the first few days of operation.

Ongoing support. We also provide toll-free phone or email support, a quarterly marketing package with camera-ready newspaper ads, flyers, door-hangers, internal and external promotions and an advanced training seminar for all franchisees! Also available is an on-line password-protected forum to allow franchisees to collaborate with ideas and suggestions. An efficient operation with small space requirements.

Choosing the right location is important to the success of any business.

We feel strongly enough about finding the right location that we offer full site selection and lease negotiation assistance! Club space is used efficiently, and everything can be situated in about 1,000 to 1,200 square feet of space.

This efficient system enables you to accommodate up to twenty ladies at one time, and hundreds during a business day.


Tel: 877-227-2282 or 859-885-6441

Company: Contours Express City: NicholasvilleState: KYZip: 40356

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