Environmental Biotech: An Unbeatable Combination

Ten years of research and development PLUS your dynamic sales and management skills Equals success!

Your potential clients are out there with problems and no real answers.

As part of our EBI network, you become a solutions provider for the drain and odor problems common to the food service, hospitality and related industries. During your intensive training you’ll learn the steps to our Predictive Maintenance Program, as we teach you not only how to solve your client’s problems, but how to prevent them using our unique proprietary methods.

Your success builds on your ability to sell and maintain long-term client relationships that develop as a result of your expertise.

That’s value. That’s what EBI and Predictive Maintenance are all about.

Environmental Biotech. A different kind of franchise opportunity.

Do you have what it takes?

URL: http://www.environmentalbiotech.com

Tel: 1-800-314-6263 or 941-358-9112

Company: Environmental Biotech, Inc. City: SarasotaState: FLZip: 34243

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