Sunset Mortgage Company LP is looking for a mortgage banker, mortgage broker, manager or loan originator to open and operate a mortgage banking office utilizing the SUN*net Branch Affiliate Program.

Although the SUN*net Branch Program resembles a franchise in its operation it is not a franchise; Candidates will be employees of Sunset Mortgage Company LP. You will be in business for yourself but will have the peace of mind knowing that you can count on corporate support when needed. Here are the features: 1. Instant Mortgage Lender Status 2. No individual license required 3. Banker/Broker flexibility 4. Licensed in over 38 states 5. FHA/VA capability 6. Access to Fortune 500 style medical and 401(k) plan 7. Expansion via satellite offices 8. Prompt accounting turnaround 9. Corporate Support and Training 10. Assistance with Commercial Loan Transactions 11. Realtor Partnership Program 12. Up to 100% Payout 13. No Franchise Fee or application costs. Sunset Mortgage Company LP is a privately held financial services firm with its headquarters just outside of Philadelphia, PA. Our mortgage banking division expands across the country using our exclusive SUN*net Branch Affiliation Program. Sunset is a FNMA registered Seller/Servicer and licensed as a mortgage banker and broker in over 38 states. Successful candidates for the SUN*net Branch Affiliate Program will have at least 2 years experience as a residential lender, broker, manager or originator. Visit our website for more details.

The most difficult aspect of the residential mortgage banking business is obtaining clients. Since people always need money to buy homes the business is not as vulnerable to adverse economic conditions as other businesses.

Training and operation manuals, full accounting support,product training when requested, compliance updates, and limited employee referrals. For More Informationwww.netBranchology.comor contact Richard Watts at 800-482-4960

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