Gum Busters – Imagine the demand for a product that can remove chewing gum from virtually any surface indoors as well as outdoors!

We can remove gum on sidewalks, tile, carpets, furniture, rubber mats, Astroturf, etc. According to the latest published figures, there are over 50 million sticks of gum chewed every day, most of which are not disposed of properly. Look down the next time you are walking down the street or are in a public place. Those disgusting black spots are gum.

Presenting the patented GumBusters SystemIt works like nothing before, and the market potential is huge!

Below is a list of potential clients for our gum removal service:

Airports – Amusement Parks – Bus Stops – Concert Halls – Federal Government – Gas Stations — Hospitals – Hotels and Motels -Apartment Complexes — Libraries – Monuments – Museums – Property Management Groups — Restaurants – Schools – Shopping Centers and Malls – Sports Arenas – State and Local Government – Supermarkets – Theaters/Cinemas – Train and Metro Stations – Bus Stations – Universities and Colleges – Zoos

The bottom line is that our patented gum removal method out-performs the traditional methods of power washing, harsh chemicals, and scraping. And it does it without disrupting normal business operations.

The unique Gumbusters method uses three simple steps to disintegrate gum:

1. The gum is heated with 300-degree, 96% dry steam. 2. Our own specially formulated cleaning agent is mixed with the steam. 3. The operator finishes the job with slight pressure to a small brush at the end of the cleaning hose. 4. In seconds, the gum disappears.

Tel: 1-877-486-2878

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