If you enjoy SALES, Welcome to the World of Advertising and United Marketing Solutions!

Since 1981, United Marketing Solutions has provided effective and affordable marketing support to merchants, professionals and service providers throughout America. We offer the widest range of proven direct marketing and internet products in our industry.

Headquartered in our 64,000 sq. ft. facility in Springfield, Virginia, United develops all products in-house. Services include product design, layout, printing and mailing in addition to Internet marketing development and hosting. If a local business has a marketing need, we have a solution!

United Marketing Solutions offers franchisees SIX inter-related business opportunities for ONE franchise fee. While we have individual competitors for most of our business categories, no single company provides the wide range of products offered by United Marketing Solutions.

How do our franchisees make money? In a nutshell, our business concept is to provide local market business a full range of marketing products and services that help them acquire new and repeat customers. Initially, franchisees develop their business in direct sales.

Over time they establish relationships with their clients and offer a full range of products and services.

Our franchisees work from a wholesale price list, so they know what a product is going to cost to produce well in advance of a client meeting. They also enjoy some of the best wholesale rates in the industry. Their profit is the difference between our wholesale price and their retail price. We provide assistance in pricing, layout, and full production for all of their jobs. They are in business for themselves, but not by themselves.

United Marketing Solutions Products

Cooperative Mail Many advertiser’s agree that United’s cooperative envelope is the marketing medium of choice. Advertisers such as McDonald’s®, KFC®, Century 21®, Burger King® and thousands of others have found this advertising program helps them to attract MORE customers, MORE often. WHY? It works!

United’s award winning cooperative coupon mailings target mail special offers for businesses, professionals or service providers within their exclusive territory for as little as pennies a household.

Grand Opening and Special Event Marketing United designs and prints a variety of advertising mailers that attract customers to a new business’ grand opening or bring them back for special occasions. Products ranging from standard and jumbo postcards to booklets are mailed to current or potential customers selected according to specific demographic or psychographic criteria.

Coupon Magazines Our popular size magazine format has been designed for clients who believe that frequency, consistency and long term exposure is important. United’s magazine format can easily be customized to showcase savings, value and customer awareness for any community, business, shopping center, local organization, events, or merchant organization at a very affordable price.

New Mover Mailings United’s New Mover program reaches new families moving into the trade area. Unique offers mailed to new movers will entice them to visit your client’s business and United franchisees provide them with a quality program.

Image Booklets United’s booklet program promotes a variety of clients such as furniture stores, banks, dentists, restaurants, automotive services and shopping centers to name a few. Your clients can affordably blanket a trade area, target a group of customers, or distribute to existing clients at point-of-sale.

Internet Directory & Hosting United has teamed with two of America’s premier Internet companies to provide consumers with the very best Internet directory – iSHOPol. Through coupons, display ads and websites, iSHOPol allows business to communicate with and attract new customers in this medium of explosive growth. Besides being one of the most innovative sites on the Internet, it provides United’s franchisees with an additional profitable revenue stream. Even if a business already has a website, our franchisees can provide hosting services that will drive greater traffic to the site cost-effectively.

Low Start-Up Costs, Complete Training

Two weeks of training at our corporate offices with all expenses paid (airfare, lodging & meals); An additional week of training in your local market; A $5,000 production credit against your first mailing; 3,000 market softeners mailed to businesses within your exclusive territory; An initial printing of stationary, forms and business cards. Don’t associate low start-up costs with a low return. That isn’t necessarily the case with many businesses today. With a United franchise you are not encumbered with high rent, expensive inventory, a large staff and royalty payments. You really are in control of your destiny. The United system is a win-win-win relationship!

Your clients win from a marketing program tailored to their needs and budget – one that gains them new and repeat customers who spend more dollars with them, more often. You win from the personal satisfaction of serving your clients well and from the profit that comes from a growing client base with high repeat rates. United wins from its own profitability and a prospering franchise system.

URL: http://www.unitedol.com

Tel: 800-368-3501 or 703-644-0200

Company: United Marketing Solutions City: SpringfieldState: VAZip: 22150

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