COMMISSION EXPRESS: Providing a reliable source for real estate agents & brokers to quickly and easily covert commissions into cash.

If you are someone with real estate or general business knowledge, you know the marketplace offers an unlimited number of opportunities. The question you face is how best to capitalize on your experience, training and personal preferences.

A COMMISSION EXPRESS franchise provides capital to its customers – real estate agents and brokers – by purchasing their pending commission accounts receivable at discounts – a process called “factoring.”

Factoring is a well-regarded and widely-used financial service with roots that extend back thousands of years. We have modified this concept so members of the real estate brokerage community can sell pending commission accounts receivable for cash, usually within two days. The commissions purchased by COMMISSION EXPRESS businesses are commonly redeemed within 30 to 60 days.

Banks, credit unions and other financial institutions could finance pending commissions, at least in theory. In practice, however, they rarely do.

Why? Because real estate salespeople, even the most successful ones, are usually paid on a commission basis. Since commissions are not as predictable as salaries are, most traditional financial institutions are reluctant to deal with real estate salespeople.

In contrast, a COMMISSION EXPRESS business is not in the lending business. It is a “factor” purchasing assets which are accounts receivable earned, due and payable to salespeople and brokers. Rather than subjecting salespeople to the time consuming rigors of the load application process a COMMISSION EXPRESS business buys pending commissions on the basis of their quality as an asset.

Customers use COMMISSION EXPRESS services because the process is easy, fast and reliable. The entire process usually takes less than two days. It’s just that simple!

Initial five-day comprehensive training Data Management & Accounting Software Hands-on computer processing Five-year pro-forma business model Complete operating system Updated operating documents Ongoing business research and advice Advertising and marketing materials Join Our Growing Team Of Professionals

COMMISSION EXPRESS offers a true white-collar franchise with protected territories available. There is a huge untapped, definable market with a high percentage of repeat business opportunities. This can be a very “rewarding” business.


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