ExecuServe: A dynamic consulting franchise opportunity delivering innovative corporate solutions to small and medium-sized companies.

ExecuServe’s business concept allows a professional to accomplish a sustained consulting relationship with his/her clients. ExecuServe provides him/her with the tools and guidance to measurably shorten the time for and significantly improve the assessment of job candidates for key positions in corporations worldwide.

It should be noted that this is a consulting business. It is not merely another recruiting company. ExecuServe franchisees can and do employ recruiting firms to supplement their own networking skills if management of the recruiting process is included in the particular client’s contract.

What makes the ExecuServe system unique?

ExecuServe clients save considerable time and money in the selection and hiring process because ExecuServe uniquely and professionally combines the techniques of:

Video recording of interviews.

Using proprietary, computer-based interview assistance software.

Generating powerful computer-based interview guides using expert system technology.

Tailoring each interview guide to the individual candidate. This guide is used by the counselor during an in-depth interview.

Managing and using of this systematic and effective process by experienced, trained, and successful franchisees working in close cooperation with the client.

Packaging all of the above techniques into a highly mobile “virtual office” to accommodate clients and candidates wherever they may be. A successful business formula.

The ExecuServe Franchise is based on a very successful business formula, which has been refined since 1983.

An ExecuServe Franchisee acquires the right to use not only the ExecuServe name and reputation, but also the whole range of sophisticated ExecuServe counseling and evaluation systems and techniques.

Each ExecuServe Franchisee operates within their area of expertise. This increases the opportunity for rapid personal success as well as providing a needed service for the captains of your industry.

Exclusive Software and Video System.

ExecuServe Software (Stars II) This unique artificial intelligence software, developed over many years, is very wide ranging. The results reveal in a quantified form, the behavioral characteristics of the candidate and provide a candidate’s test profile and franchisee’s interview guide. The timing and marking, along with the production of a candidate’s profile chart and interview guide are all performed automatically and error free by the system.

ExecuServe Computerized Database This unique archive system allows for a quick reference to all candidates and clients. A short list of candidates for a particular qualification can normally be created the day a franchisee receives an order.

ExecuServe Video Film Techniques The capturing and application of both candidate and client interviews on video film by ExecuServe is unique. The benefits to clients, candidates and ExecuServe franchisees are considerable.

Potential Client Base for ExecuServe System

The optimum prospective company is a high growth company with $10million – $50 million in annual sales. The prospect has wide geographic needs (multiple cities) including the possibility of international locations. The hiring managers have little or no support from Human Resources and are burdened with the time consuming task of new hire interviewing. The target person to function as the initial contact within the prospective company should be at least a functioning Vice President and have unilateral authority to hire and sign contracts.

Target Franchise Candidate Profile

Target Profile – Self confident, mentally bright, college graduate, executive demeanor, long term exposure to executives, solid, stable drive… established experience in senior management

Expertise – Expertise in a particular industry, with 10 plus years in a management role, definable perception within that industry of the marketing and sales roles, recruiting, rating and testing administration experience, using methodical evaluation techniques.

Skill Sets – Communication, Listening, Observation, Balanced judgment, Enthusiastic energy, articulate, strong networking, marketing & advertising implementation, strong grasp of budget & finance management.

Key Element – A desire to drive a proven business venture to success.

URL: http://www.execuserveusa.com

Tel: 804-725-5480

Company: ExecuServe City: MathewsState: VAZip: 23109

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