The Pet Pantry

The Pet Pantry franchise is designed to compete in an ever-increasing, $10 billion dollar pet food industry. Their market niche is the free delivery of premium dog and cat food products. Their franchise concept is a unique service to, namely, end the inconvenience and hassle that customer’s experience when purchasing pet food; and, secondly, provide consumers with a variety of Natural foods that will more than satisfy their pets’ nutritional requirements.

Most premium foods are sold in pet stores, requiring a special trip. Most supermarkets typically sell food in large quantities, making it difficult to transport the heavy bags of food, which simply adds stress to the trip that nobody likes to make in the first place. And, since storage can be a problem, due to the mess and potential health hazards if the food is not properly sealed, they provide a self-contained and attractive bin, that comes complete with handles and a tight-seal lid.

Pet Pantry customers, on the other hand, rarely run out of food; they simply call their Pet Pantry franchise when low for their replacement food. Their system makes it easy for the customer to order from a variety of Natural foods, establish the frequency of delivery, and have a practical bin system to store it in.

Free home delivery, combined with the highest quality of natural products, competitive prices, and other value-added services, have created a unique, and profitable picture for success.

There are numerous franchises to buy, but few as unique and inherently fun as The Pet Pantry.

Their turnkey system offers a proven, practical business model that is based on many years of real world experience. The entire system has been specifically designed to provide you with a low overhead, high margin, non brick-and-mortar business that you can operate in the comfort of your own community.

Contact Information

The Pet Pantry International, Inc.

3719 North Carson Street

Carson, NV 89706


Fax: 775-841-9732

[email protected]

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