Cartoon Cuts Hair Salon

Cartoon Cuts, a hair salon designed primarily for children ages twelve and under, was founded in 1991 in Fairfax, VA. The concept is a revolutionary breakthrough in the hair salon industry.

Through the integration of cartoon characters, video games, nonstop videos and elephant wash shampoos, Cartoon Cuts has converted what was once a uneventful and frequently traumatic experience, into an engaging, fun-filled frolic, entertaining for both children and their parents.

Cartoon Cuts Franchisees get instant experience, expertise and access to Cartoon Cuts’ proven formula for success. Cartoon Cuts provides you with the knowledge to keep from making start-up and day-to-day mistakes. In existing markets, Cartoon Cuts has captured well over 30% of the market share. The Company is consistently voted the Number One Hair Salon for Children in all of its major markets.

Cartoon Cuts also has a proprietary design, strong advertising and marketing support and recognition in the retail community. The Company has negotiated leases with many of the nation’s top landlords.

The Company also has a proprietary point-of-sale system that provides important data to manage cash controls, sales trends and other vital information.

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