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Tutoring Club’s goal is to bring each student up to the desired level as quickly as possible. In order to achieve this, each student receives individualized instruction from their staff of professional teachers. They work to reduce stress and build confidence by starting each student at a level that he or she can handle and then progressing through the grade levels as rapidly as they can.

Their exclusive TutorAid system helps children succeed by:

Utilizing the most advanced curriculum in tutoring with a positive atmosphere which results in more learning per hour.

Maintaining low student to tutor ratios, so every student receives a wealth of one-to-one individualized instruction.

Pinpointing problems and tracking required skills to correct them.

Employing the motivational system that provides an incentive for your child to keep trying.

Working with your child’s classroom teachers to keep them informed as to the student’s progress.

Conferencing with parents on a regular basis so you are aware of your child’s progress.

Providing qualified instructors who are committed to ensuring your child succeeds.

Educational experience is not necessary to become a Tutoring Club Franchisee. Tutoring Club’s TutorAid Software makes all educational decisions. TutorAid Software manages all student information: creating, monitoring, and updating lesson plans daily. These lesson plans are then implemented by qualified teachers.

Also within the TutorAid Software is a complete financial software program designed specifically for Tutoring Club center finances. With Tutoring Club you obtain the freedom of ownership, with the benefit of proven support.

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