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Americans spend $30 billion annually on pets and one in every four Americans has a dog. As a Bark Busters’ franchisee, you can tap into this growing market.

Bark Busters, an internationally successful company with a non harsh dog training system, is currently operating in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and now expanding in the US. They have franchise opportunities in all states with over 70 franchisees worldwide and have trained in excess of 150,000 dogs.

Join Bark Busters as they expand their franchise across the USA.

Running your own business doing what you love is everyone’s passion. So it makes sense that if you love dogs, a Bark Busters’ franchise may be just what you need to achieve job satisfaction and financial success. Bark Busters has over 45years experience in its unique and effective dog training and behavioral system, now world renowned. As a Bark Busters’ franchisee, you not only have the benefit of an entrepreneurial lifestyle in running your own business, but also the pleasure of improving dog behavior and creating “Happy Dogs and Happy Families” everywhere. Formal experience of working with dogs is not necessary. They will provide technical and business training, and support you as you grow your Bark Busters business.

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