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Complete Music specializes in making each and every event special. They fully guarantee their service — someone is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to make sure each event goes perfectly, allowing their customers to relax and enjoy. New dances, new ways of involving friends, and new ways of honoring customers and their guests are always being developed. Events are wonderfully unique. Their equipment produces crystal clear digital audio at a volume that allows guests to visit and dance. The lighting will create both celebration and romantic atmospheres. No one brings more songs to your dance! Complete Music is their namesake. Guests will all hear songs that will entice them out onto the dance floor. They love to see people having fun.

Complete Music Franchisees Receive:

Inexpensive, but high-impact sales videos

Low cost, full color 10-page sales brochure

A very profitable and unique pricing and discounting strategy

High-quality, low cost sound and light equipment

A simple and effective DJ employment application test

East to understand DJ training manuals and videos

Annual and Regional Owners’ Meetings where the best tested ideas are shared

Quarterly direct mailer sent to the brides in the owner’s city

Great web site with action video demonstrating a Complete Music event with names, locations and phone numbers of all owners

Computer program written exclusively for Complete Music that organizes booking dates, DJ availability, customer call-backs, music and the daily operations of the Complete Music owner him/herself

Business-to-Business networking that generates business for Complete Music owners

Annual goal setting and on-going review to help maintain focus and maximize income

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