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As a Full Circle Image franchisee you will find your market is growing daily. This is one of the fastest growing industries in the nation. Nearly every business in America uses imaging products. With billions of dollars being spent on these products each year only a small percent are being recycled.

The use of printer ribbon cartridges continues to increase in retail settings such as grocery and department stores while less than five percent of all printer ribbon cartridges are recycled. Sales of laser toner cartridges are expected to reach $10 billion in 2000 and 85 percent of the units are currently thrown away. Ink jet cartridges represent the fastest growing segment of the computer printer market with over 30 million ink jet printers in use today. Up to 15 percent of these cartridges are being recycled. These figures represent an enormous potential for growth and an unlimited profit potential.

Businesses are becoming more sensitive to recycling issues, and government legislation is increasingly mandating recycling. As a Full Circle Image franchise owner, you’ll give clients the opportunity to make an ecological business decision, while simultaneously saving them up to 50 percent off the price of new products. Since you’ll have your own geographical territory, your earnings from these sales will be substantial. Everyone wins including the environment.

Full Circle Image offers a product line of thousands of new and remanufactured printer ribbons, laser toner and ink jet cartridges. Each is remanufactured under stringent quality control standards. They meet or exceed Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Specifications and are 100 percent guaranteed. Full Circle Image customers are also guaranteed a cost savings of 20 percent off the price of new when they purchase a remanufactured Full Circle Image product and often save up to 50 percent.

The Full Circle Image Franchise Package Includes:

Low Initial Investment Comprehensive

Training Course and Ongoing Operational Support

Protected Geographical Territory of 150,000

Demographic Analysis Marketing Support

Little or No Inventory

Business-to-Business Sales with Repeat Business

Daily Toll Free Support Line

Guaranteed Lead Generation

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