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The window cleaning industry is growing. The customer base is greater than ever, fueled by the increase of two income households more people have expensive homes that they want to keep their best, and with the money to do it! In fact, figures project the industry will grow 23% by 2003!

Not only is the industry growing, but with a Clean & Happy Franchise you can start this all from your own home or small office with minimal inventory and a better return on your investment, faster!

Clean & Happy Franchise takes all the guesswork out of starting and running a small business. The Clean & Happy Franchise Package has been designed for you to get off and running right away making revenue at your highest potential while keeping costly learning mistakes to a minimum. They start you off on the right foot with proven effective systems for getting and keeping customers. They teach you how to clean windows, gutters, and pressure washing and how and what to charge when giving bids so you don’t over or under charge. They give you the working methods that will keep you from making costly mistakes and help you work efficiently with your time, and when in doubt they give you support directly from Clean & Happy Headquarters so you too share the years upon years of experience that has allowed them to grow.

Prior to opening your franchise you will fly to Seattle to Clean & Happy Headquarters. They will provide to you at no charge 10 days training. They do provide a free apartment also if it is not currently in use. Here you will be trained in effective methods for cleaning windows, gutter cleaning, and pressure washing services. They will also go over the operations manual word for word with you to make sure you understand it and what we expect from a successful franchisee. Finally they teach you how to manage your paperwork and how you can grow your business using our the Shine Software program that will help you with scheduling jobs, bidding, billing, and tracking your client base.

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