Sunbrook Academy

Sunbrook Academy is an Atlanta-based group of state-of-the-art early childhood development centers. The concept was created and developed by acknowledged leaders in the field. Each center is meticulously designed to offer the best quality environment for children, emphasizing safety, health and well-being. But the difference goes beyond the physical environment. The curriculum and standards of care are, quite simply, the best available anywhere. There is substance to a Sunbrook Academy, not fluff.

The management team of Sunbrook Academy is not only experienced in early childhood development and education, but also expert in the business of owning and operating successful child care centers. They have developed over 25 centers and consulted for major national companies and individuals alike. They know what works well and what does not. Now you have the opportunity to draw upon their experience, guidance and knowledge to help ensure your success.

Contact Information

Sunbrook Franchising, Inc.

2933 Cherokee Street

Kennesaw, Georgia 30144


fax: 770-426-0724

[email protected]

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