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Our retail stores cater to the parents of students in the kindergarten through 12th grade who attend private, parochial, Christian, and public schools that require uniforms or specific dress codes. It is a booming and underserved market.

The demand for school uniforms and dress code apparel is huge, growing and largely untapped. Not only are the enrollments in private, parochial, and Christian schools increasing, but also a growing percentage of public schools require uniforms. Why are more schools requiring students to wear uniforms? Because studies show that when a uniform policy is implemented, grades and conduct improve. In addition, school safety is enhanced, teachers’ jobs are made easier and parents save money on clothing their children. Although demand is increasing, there are few retail stores available to meet this need. It is extremely difficult for someone outside the industry to gain access to the major manufactures of school apparel. With Educational Outfitters, however, you can draw on our strong established vendor relationships, credit terms and preferential pricing arrangements to help secure your success.

To help ensure your success, we have created a complete package of support services including: site selection assistance, lease negotiations strategies, store lay-out services, operations manual, training, effective inventory ordering systems, field support, reasonable start-up cost, potential attractive return on your investment, fun work environment and a franchise committed to you success.

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Educational Outfitters

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