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It may be surprising to most people that nearly 40 million Americans have no formal banking relationship. Most of these hard working people need a service that will cash their payroll checks and provide them with immediate access to the cash they need. Even those Americans with established banking patterns are discovering the convenience of United Check Cashing. Their customers enjoy the fast and courteous service that we provide. In the age of service industries, they are rapidly establishing a reputation as the convenience store of banking.

In the past, most people thought of check cashers as a business that only serviced low income areas. Today that image is rapidly changing. United Check Cashing’s customer base consists largely of middle class blue and white collar workers, senior citizens, local and state government employees, and local business owners. Their customers need their cash quickly.

In addition to cashing checks, their centers also provide customers a wide array of services that include; money orders, money transfers, notary, short-term loans, pre-paid phone services, debit cards, postage and stationary, and copy and fax services. Their list of service continues to grow every day.

Contact Information

United Financial Services Group

400 Market Street, Suite 1030

Philadelphia, PA 19106


Fax: 215-238-9056

[email protected]

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