Willy Dog


Fully self-contained hot dog and fast-food cart that looks like a giant hot dog. Can be used indoors in malls, etc. or outdoors. We serve a great menu of our all beef “Willy Dog” hot dogs and our smokin’ Willy Sausages and drinks.

Willy Dog was started in 1989 by Will R. Hodgskiss. He felt that there was a need to clean up and standardize the image and quality of street vendors. Over the next few years the concept evolved into what it is today: An excellent business plan and a very aesthetically attractive system. This is a concept nearly anyone can afford to invest in and it is as close to a guaranteed success plan as you’re likely to get. Frankly, if you’re wiling to work hard on your Willy Dog franchise you will almost certainly make a lot of money.

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