Make Money Clipping Newspaper Articles

Many organizations, businesses, and just individuals have a great interest in what is put in print about them.

49 Ways For A Handy Person To Make Money

Building shelves Stripping furniture Floor refinishing Making stereo cabinets Making two-way pet doors Designing closets Refinishing and rebuilding furniture Building patios Building fences 10.

How To Start A Picture Framing Business!

If you are handy with tools you could be on your way to a nice sideline business that could grow with time.

How To Manufacture And Sell Embossing Kits!

An embossing kit is a novelty item used to emboss names in raised gold or silver lettering on books, cards, stationery, etc., with a beautiful effect.

115 Ways To Earn Money With Your Computer

Provide computer-based office management services for attorneys Do word processing Do medical billing for doctors Do automated telemarketing Manage a church Start a computer user’s group Learn to win at blackjack Bet on horse races Bet on pro football 10.

Desktop Publisher

Desktop publishers use computers, laser printers and sophisticated software program in the preparation of high quality graphic material.

Make Big Money In Your Own Bumper Sticker Business

Bumper sticker sales can be a lucrative source of income for one who is willing to learn good selling techniques, anticipate customer needs and plan ahead.

Operating Cosmetics Business From Home

There are three basic objectives in the mail order cosmetics business: find a product that you can sell, at a profit, sell additional products to the same buyers, and build a mailing list.

Starting A Co-Op Coupon Business From Your Home

Mail out coupons, circular and ads for up to 30 clients at a time on a cooperative basis.

A Furniture Refinishing Business In Your Home

If you have a garage or work building and are willing to learn a craft, upholstering, re-upholstering and/or furniture refinishing would make an excellent home business.