How To Get Paid Writing Simple Greeting Cards

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Most of us enjoy getting greeting cards from time to time. Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, the birth of a baby, and other occasions mean even more to us when we are remembered by friends, relatives and colleagues. A well written card can make a genuinely personal statement for any occasion. That’s why greeting cards continue to be a sincere and effective means of communication. In fact, the demand for greeting cards is such that it is now a multi-billion dollar industry and still growing.

Since there will always be birthdays, holidays and other occasions appropriate for card sending, the market remains stable and prosperous for talented and creative writers. Besides the ever popular traditional greeting card messages, greeting card companies are constantly looking for fresh and innovative ideas and concepts. And although most companies employ staff writers and artists, the opportunity for free-lance writers is very real and substantial. Many greeting card companies actually encourage free-lance writers to submit a regular stream of card ideas.

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