Funny Lines For Cash

You can sell your good jokes to all kinds of comedian and cartoonists if you follow simple procedures when submitting.

How To Get Yourself On Radio And Television So You Can Promote Your Products/Service For Free

Ever wonder how to get your message out to literally millions of people via radio and television for FREE?

How To Compile A Directory For The Mail Order Market

Compiling a Directory and selling it in the mail order market is not only a FUN but a most lucrative and yet untapped field.

Ageless Checkers


The business concept is simple: the agency provides Safeguard Visits to older people living alone or in nursing facilities.

Empathy Marketing: What You’Ve Got To Use If You Really Want To Sell More To Your Customers And Retain Their Business

Empathy marketing isn’t just a series of procedures you can learn by rote and implement like a robot.

How To Publish Your Own Mail Order Catalog

Why do you need a catalog if you don’t carry a line of expensive books, and are only starting in business selling nothing but short reports?

Five Marketing Communications You Can Use Right Now To Get Fast New Business

There isn’t a business in the world that doesn’t use some kind of marketing communication in an attempt to get new and repeat business.

71 Ways For A Writer To Make Money

Copywriting for television commercials Copywriting for radio commercials Copywriting for newspaper and magazine ads Professional letter writing Creating plots for other writers Writing correspondence courses Travelling writer Newspaper feature writing Writing for weekly tabloids 10.

An Excellent Customer Service Tip

So often we forget that our customers are our boss.

How To Publish A Contest Bulletin

Many people are entering various contests to reap the benefits their jobs cannot provide them.