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The business concept is simple: the agency provides Safeguard Visits to older people living alone or in nursing facilities.

Paula Kay’s non medical, home based business opportunity is being offered for $995. No special licensing, insurance, or training is required. The opportunity comes complete with directions that are easy to follow, marketing strategies, copies of letters and forms used, and office setup instructions. The added bonus is personal business coaching from the owner herself.

This is a perfect home-based business that can be operated by one person, part time or full time. The potential income is approximately $30.00 per hour. As the business begins to grow and the client list expands, helpers can be recruited and more income can be earned. Not only is there limitless potential, you are also providing a valuable service to your community.

This much-needed service is well received by caregivers and family members through out the country. With busy careers and demanding schedules, this agency is there when family members cannot be, providing the peace of mind they need.

Paula Kay started this company in 1992. The business concept is simple… her agency

provides Safeguard Visits and Services to older people living alone or in nursing facilities.

The “Safeguard Visit” consists of twenty-minute appointment using a checklist method to ensure the well being of an older resident. The training manual also includes a list of other services you can offer your clients during the visit.

If you enjoy working with people, this is a great business opportunity for you.

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