A Good Title Is A Work of Genius

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That’s what Emanuel Haldeman-Julius said about changing the title of a book to increase sales. And he should know, he’s the guy who single-handedly sold more than 100,000,000 “little blue books” during the first part of the 20th century (Yes, I said 100 million copies).

His book entitled “The First Hundred Million” gives a rare glimpse into how to use certain tested title words to increase your sales. In fact, his book is one of the most scientific studies of what a title change can do for your sales.

The most remarkable thing is that Haldeman-Julius simply advertised his books by title alone. There was no selling copy, only the title of the book. That’s it.

So before you decide on any haphazard title for your next ebook, manual, ezine article or free report, you might want to take advice from this savvy marketer.

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