Find Your “Happy Place” For New Year’s Success!

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You may call me crazy. but it’s true.

When I recently saw one of my favorite movies, “Happy Gilmore” staring Adam Sandler, I realized that this movie has an extremely important success principle that you should know about to achieve success in the new year.

Let me explain:

In the movie, the main character, Happy, can’t find a stable job and can’t seem to make his dream of playing hockey come true.

…And after Happy fails to make the hockey team for the 11th time, his girlfriend gets fed up and leaves him…in other words, his life seems like a complete failure.

Then his life turns around when he makes a very important promise to his Grandmother and himself that he will get her house back from the government, which may be auctioned off unless Happy comes up with $270,000 in 90 days.

So, what does this have to do with success?

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