How To Build a High Traffic Website by Doing Some Work

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I’m sick of websites claiming to be able to make you “100,000 dollars in thirty days – sign up here!” aren’t you? They can’t be stopped and the fact is that some people have made a lot of money by following the information. You need a lot of luck on your side though to be able to make these type of schemes work – and also a large mailing list – which is what nearly all of these types of programs rely on, by constantly bombarding an email subscriber list the theory goes, then you should be able to make money from the list.

The trouble with this type of approach is that once the list has been hit three or four times promoting w,x,y and z your target becomes wise to the idea that he or she is being sold to and unsubscribes – gone forever. Not a problem though as there are many more prepared to subscribe to the dream.

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