Advertising In College Papers

Colleges have tremendous circulation of their bulletins and newspapers.

Entrepreneurial Moonlighting

The Occupational Adventure: “If they’re not ready to make a grand leap and change careers, I encourage people to take a dual track approach to pursuing their passion.

Entrepreneurial Mom Turns the Table on Work at Home Scams

PRWeb: “As a mom, wife and Business grad, Debbie Rich searched high and low for a real work at home opportunity.

Get Your Product Listed And Sold Through Millions Of Mail Order Catalogs

An average mailing by a small, one person mail order company is generally about a thousand pieces, and many such operators rarely mail more than a hundred pieces per week.

Going to the Super Bowl is a Money Loser “‘The actual act of going to the Super Bowl is a net dollar loser,” said Jonathan Kraft, ‘but there’s a psychic value that you can’t put a dollar figure on that comes with winning championships.

Internet prominent in US fraud complaints “2003 was the first year in which “Internet fraud” accounted for more than half of all fraud complaints filed in the United States, according to a report released this week by the US Federal Trade Commission.” Junk business opportunities were among the most popular scams reported.

Work at Home Schemes

Many ads omit the fact that you may have to work many hours without pay.

Sources Of Free Commission Circulars

This list was current at time of publication.

Meal-preparation firm signs up 36 franchisees

Business Journal: “Dream Dinners started in early 2002 as a monthly gathering of co-founder Stephanie Firchau’s friends, who wanted to socialize for a few hours while they put together a month’s worth of meals to take home, freeze and cook later.

Presidental Futures Exchange

John Robb: “A futures exchange that lets you make bets on the candidates for President.