Handyman Connection


Handyman Connection? is the leading provider of small to medium-sized home repair and remodeling services to residential customers in North America. All home improvement work is done by craftsmen who have a minimum of 10 years? experience in their trade.

Handyman Connection specializes in the small to medium size home repair and remodeling industry. It offers a turnkey package that includes marketing, advertising and a complete training program. 90%of our franchise partners had NO handyman experience.

Since its inception in 1990, Handyman Connection has become one of North America?s fastest growing franchise companies. Handyman Connection offered its first franchise in 1993. Barely a decade later, Handyman Connection has established more than 100 franchise partnerships covering more than 80 markets throughout the United States and Canada.

Contact Information

United States Corporate Office

10250 Alliance Rd.

Suite 100

Cincinnati, OH 45242

Phone: (800) 466-5530 (Toll Free)

Phone: (513) 771-3003

Fax: (513) 771-6439

Master Franchise Partner?Canada

Unit C – 1836 Ness Avenue

Winnipeg, MB R3J 0Y4

Phone: (204) 895-1744

Fax: (204) 895-1773

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