Figaro’s Pizza

Power your future by selling fresh, delicious, top-quality Figaro’s Pizza, tuned and tested by more than 20 years in business. Team up with Figaro’s and you’ll participate in one of the fastest growing, most respected franchise operations in the country.

Pizza is universally popular. It’s quick, convenient, affordable, nutritious and, of course, delicious. It appeals to people of all ages and demographics. In an era of households where both parents work outside the home, of late hours and long commutes, of healthy, active lifestyles and of a universal demand for speed, quality, value and convenience, pizza provides a quick, no-hassle meal for family and friends.

It’s all about great taste, pizza is a 29 billion dollar a year industry in the United States–one of the fastest-growing fast food segments. And Figaro’s offers one of the nation’s most delicious, highly rated pizzas. Figaro’s ingredients are always fresh and of the very highest quality–this is pizza you’ll be proud to sell.

Benefit from their popular concept. Figaro’s offers the pizza segment’s hottest concept– take-and-bake pizza. Customers can also choose to have their fresh and delicious pizza baked in the store and ready to eat. Plus, they offer other tasty menus items like calzone, lasagna, fresh salads, garlic bread, breadsticks and deep-dish apple pie.

Figaro’s is easy to operate, easy to love. Figaro’s has locations in freestanding stores, strip centers, inside supermarkets, inside gas stations and inside video stores. And Figaro’s is extremely well suited for locations in small communities. With proven success in the take-home-and-bake concept, plus the addition of offering the best baked pizza, Figaro’s appeals to a broad segment of the community.

You get a total package when you franchise with Figaro’s. They help with site selection. The right store location can make or break any business. So once you’ve selected your store location, Figaro’s experienced management team works with you to research the site. Figaro’s then provides a detailed set of plans. Compared to other food service operations, start-up and overhead operating costs of a Figaro’s Pizza franchise are surprisingly low. They provide a complete business system-Every aspect of the start-up operation, inventory management and marketing of a Figaro’s unit has been designed to aid you. Because Figaro’s only succeeds when you do, their management resources are there to assist you through every aspect of your operation. They’re there from the start to train you and get you up and running. Then they provide complete, ongoing operational and marketing support, merchandising assistance, and constant menu development and testing. From financing assistance and accounting systems to operating procedures and employee training, your liaison with Figaro’s will smooth the way.

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Figaro’s Pizza

1500 Liberty Street S.E. #160

Salem, OR 97302

Phone: (503) 371-9318

Fax: (503) 363-5364

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