Anatomy of a Home Studio: How Everything Really Works, from Microphones to Midi

Amazon: “I bought this book for a class and for refrence at home for a setup I had just put together. I was a beginner when i had bought it and had little knowledge on the concepts of decibels, MIDI, signal flow, or the physics of sound,(which are some of the topics covered in this book). After reading everything in the book more than once, I had no clue on what I had red until I bought a book called Home Recording Power by Ben Milstead. Scot Wilkinson had written this book for those who are familiar with recording and wanted an idea or better understanding of how their equipment works the way it does. This book has very little tips or techniques on the equipment it covers. Its not a how to book. So unless you have some form of a recording setup and are familar with your equipment and have done some projects already, dont buy this book, cause you wont understand very much.”

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