Wind Power for Home & Business: Renewable Energy for the 1990s and Beyond (Real Goods Independent Living Book)

Amazon: “I have recently become interested in Wind Energy and the possibilities it presents for NY. With a finite supply coal/oil/ and other fossil fuels it is a matter of time before alternative forms of energy become cost effective. Gipe was able to present an overview of Wind Energy. He offers mathematical equations for the energy produced, The difference between Energy and Power, and practical presentation of how, what, and why Wind is a viable source. Chapters include: Measuring Wind, Estimating output, Economics of the system, Towers, Interconnections with a Utility, Stand Alone, Water pumping, Installation, and Safety.I would have liked to see more detail on placement added into the chapters but Gipe does give you other sources to look into. Overall Gipe does an excellent job of presenting Wind energy in an understandable fashion. I would recommend any interested in venturing into wind energy would start with reading this book. I am reading it for a second time.”

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