Always Selling

BusinessPundit: “It reminded me that as an entrepreneur, I have to always be selling.

Lessons Learned the Hardest Way, by Going Belly-Up

NY Times: “New small businesses start every day, and fail just as frequently.

Honesty in Advertising

Ananova: “A firm is using ‘real women’ in its beauty product promotion because it says stick-thin airbrushed models make women feel bad about themselves.

SBA Small Business Startup Guide

The Small Business Administration publishes an online Small Business Startup Guide.

The Top Five 2003 Marketing Tips That Can’t Be Ignored

When marketing your practice, as well as designing your brochure, web site, business card, flier, advertisement, or other marketing effort, we recommend investing the time and effort needed to effectively address all these tips.

The Perfect NDA

Paul Engrish’s Non Disclosure Agreement builds trust rather than destroys it: “Confidentiality: Paul asks that you not show or tell anyone this idea without first calling him at 781-648-1500 to ask his OK.

Creamery Becomes Crematory

Vermont Creamery Diversifies Into Crematory via Thoughts in the Middle of Nowhere.

How to Make Money Cooking And Baking

Operate a potato chip shop in a busy location Operate a French type hot dog stand Sell popcorn coated with 20 different flavors Offer a casserole delivery service Run a take-out food store with a new specialty Run a homemakers’ cooperative, selling assorted edibles Supply restaurants with your own specialty Operate a home-cooked meal delivery service Operate a box-lunch service for offices Cater hor d’oeuvres for special occasions Operate health food cafeterias in schools Cater exotic desserts Make wedding cakes Operate a homemade soup shop Bake cookies Sell homemade pastries or any other delicacy you are good at baking Run a fruitcake business Bake and sell traditional goodies for festive occasions of the year Specialize in the candy apple business Sell crepes suzettes and/or American-style pancakes in a busy location Merchandise Christmas candied fruits Run a homemade candy stand Operate a frystick snack shop Merchandise maple syrup Manufacture new and uniquely-flavored cough drops Sell home-canned goods Dehydrate surplus produce Produce and bottle fresh juice and sell to restaurants Make lollipops of all shapes and sizes

Disadvantages of Working At Home

If you were hard at work in an office downtown, it is unlikely that three children would come storming in to ask for snacks or that you would end up using the ironing board for a bookshelf or have to think twice about hiring others because they might resent working at your kitchen table.