Youth, Energy, and Fresh Ideas

Jeff Sinelli: “I’m self-diagnosed ADD, and it translates into my entrepreneurial style. I don’t tend to do things by the textbook, and when I first started in the restaurant business, it was all from the hip. You hear the statistics that nine out of 10 restaurants won’t be around after the first year. I think that’s not true–over 50 percent make it. To avoid the graveyard, I don’t focus on the competition; I take an isolationist theory and do my own thing and don’t worry about who’s behind or in front of me. In a synthesis sort of way, I come up with ideas, but once the idea is formed and developed, we put ourselves in our own little box, form the concept, and try to create different things that others don’t. We’re not trying to keep up with the Joneses, we’re trying to be unique and different. I think that’s where the success comes from.”

via iLife by Blake.

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