Off-Line Marketing for On-Line Results

Home Based Business Opportunities:

So you’re all “Googled” out, are you? You’ve been working feverishly placing e-zine ads, paying for placement and position with search engines, buying online classifieds, and trying to optimize search engine rankings for your website. All of that effort and money may be paying off for you, or it may be your greatest source of frustration. Most new businesses on the Internet quickly discover that there is no magic formula to driving website traffic higher.

If you’re looking for innovative methods of marketing your on-line business, start thinking like an off-line marketer. The tried and true marketing practices employed by traditional businesses represent significant value to your on-line venture. Before placing your next bid with a Pay-per-click engine, consider some of these marketing initiatives:

–Off-line Advertising
–Get Published
–Targeted Event Promotion

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