Facts About Dollar Stores

More than 4000 new dollar stores have opened in the last three years, an increase of thirty-four percent.

Free Ice Water

“No, because you know what, Ted?

Financing Tips For First-Time Entrepreneurs

Boston Business Journal: “Recognize the odds.

More Retirees Launching Businesseses

Startup Journal: “The number of self-employed older people has been inching up for several years, even as the overall number of self-employed Americans has declined.

Small Businesses Deliver Meals

CNN: “Fresh food delivery services offering customized meals are gaining acceptance among busy, well-paid professionals, many of whom aren’t battling weight problems.

Women Entrepreneurs Doing Better Than Men

“This year, women own a 50 percent or larger stake in 10.6 million privately held companies, the Center for Women’s Business Research said.

Google to Auction IPO

Everyone is reporting that Google has filed for an IPO, but the interesting news is that they’re going to auction all of the IPO shares.

Business Lessons from Sesame Street

About.com:”The lesson of ‘One of these things is not like the others…’ taught us at an early age to look for patterns and single out the unusual.

Keep Focused and Overhead Low

Jeff Cornwall: “When facing growth, remember that ultimately there is only one type of growth that matters: profits.

Low Cost of Entry Nationally

Small Business Trends: “Chad Moutray, of the U.S.