Soda and Emotion

FC Now: “On this day in 1985, Coca-Cola announced a change in the Coke formula. While many people thought that it might have been a gambit to increase interest in the original formula, the move to New Coke was, in fact, a major misstep. After widespread public outcry, Coca-Cola ended production of the new formula within the week. Would New Coke have succeeded had it been introduced as a secondary product — not a replacement for the classic Coke? Wherefore, OK Soda?”

Even though every taste test showed that New Coke tasted better than Coke Classic, millions of people decided that they like didn’t like it even before they’d tasted it. Soda, after all, is more than just sugar water — its part of our American identity, or so Coca-Cola has spent more than a hundred years telling us.

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