Shoestring Marketing for the One Man Band

Wizard Academy: “A mechanic friend, Tony, carries in his glove box several dozen computer-printed 5X7 flyers that say, ‘I specialize in fixing BMW’s like this one. Is it running like it should?’ When work is slow he drives through parking lots and looks for BMWs. When he finds one, he scribbles a little note to the owner, such as ‘Arctic Blue has always been my favorite color on this model. I’ll bet you’re proud of it.’ Then he slips the flyer under the windshield wiper. Tony often gets calls on his cell phone before he even gets back to his shop. Another friend, Rick, specializes in replacing picture windows with fancy bay windows. Guess where he puts his flyers? You guessed it – on the front doors of houses with picture windows. Works like a charm. Rick says, ‘The key is to put the same flyer on the same houses month after month. Sometimes they’ll ignore the first ten flyers then call you when they get number eleven.’ But we’re not just talking about flyers, here. Time and money are always interchangeable. When you’re short of one, spend the other.”

via Branding Blog.

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