Martha’s Entrpreneurial Help from Behind Bar

Newsweek: “As her sentencing date approaches, Martha Stewart is searching for a way to stay out of jail — or at least get out of jail early.

You Can’t Outrun the Radio

Wizard of Ads: “Just as yesterday’s speedsters were told that we shouldn’t run because ‘you can’t outrun them radios,’ a new generation is saying to today’s advertisers, ‘A phony promise may fool one of us, but that one will tell the rest of us.

Biz Ideas

Dan Sherman’s new weblog Biz Ideas already has some great business ideas, like renting XM radios and candid videography.

Carnival of the Capitalists

This week’s Carnival of the Capitalists is up at Small Business Trends.

Lessons of a Serial Entrepreneur

Dan Brinklin: “Don’t wait to get started.

Professional Entrepreneurs

Serial Entrepreneur: “People starting on the entrepreneurial path should, I believe, make a conscious decision that they are not just starting a business, but instead, consider that they are starting a career as a professional entrepreneur.

Some Cures for a Crappy Day

First: Stand up.

No Training Necessary “The vast majority of UK entrepreneurs have gone into business without any practical training, new research reveals.” via Angie McKaig.

Opportunities in Computer Forensics

BostonWorks: “With the increasing occurence of new viruses, worms, and Trojan horses, computer security is important not only for consumers or companies but also for the people who hunt the creators of these computer attacks.

Move The Business Anywhere

Small Business Trends: “The Dayton Business Journal has an article about a small business that is so ‘virtual’ it can just pick up and relocate the company because the owner desires to make a lifestyle change…