eBay Launches Small Business Financing

InternetNews.com: “In an effort to boost its services and appeal for small businesses, online auction giant eBay (Quote, Chart) unveiled here today a new financing program in connection with GE Business Credit Services.


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Free Business Instruction from Warren Buffett

Steve Pilgrim: “If you are involved in owning and/or managing a business of any size, Warren Buffett’s letters to shareholders going back to 1977 are some of the best business instruction you can receive.

Cybercafe Society

Howard Rheingold: “Now that Fedex owns Kinko’s, I really think they ought to consider buying Starbucks to constitute the ultimate 21st century cybernomadic infrastructure: 24X7 coffee, wireless broadband, and handy global shipping for roving mobs of socio-knowledge workers.” via atmaspheric | endeavors and Small Business Trends.