Barnie’s Coffee & Tea Company

Barnie’s Coffee & Tea Company was founded over 2 decades ago and has grown into America’s largest privately owned gourmet coffee and tea purveyor. The company’s passion for quality and service has established Barnie’s Coffee as the premium brand of coffee throughout the world. Barnie’s Coffee offers the world’s finest hand selected beans with an extensive selection of gourmet coffee blends, flavored and decaffeinated in light, medium and dark roasts to satisfy every discriminating taste bud. Barnie’s Coffee is committed to providing a superior product and outstanding customer service.

Barnie’s is a concept with a 23-year history of operations, a loyal and passionate customer base, and a proven track record. Yet the concept is as fresh, dynamic and exciting as if it were brand new. They’ve recently decided to add to their existing base of franchisees, some of whom have been in operation for nearly 20 years, and they are now offering opportunities for franchises worldwide.

Whether in the US or in one of the many exciting markets outside the US, our program has been designed to leverage the infrastructure that comes with multi-unit development.

In the US, Barnie’s offers area development agreements under which the franchisee commits to developing multiple franchises in a defined market. For markets outside the US, Barnies is seeking individuals or groups who are interested in developing franchises typically within an entire country or significant region of a country.

Contact Information

7001 Lake Ellenor Drive, Suite 250

Orlando, FL 32809


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