Two Days with Milton Friedman

Tyler Cowen: “Milton’s best anecdote concerned opposition to the idea of a free society.


Dogs for Rent

In Japan you can rent a dog for $25 an hour: “Each person who rents a dog by the hour is given a leash, some tissues and a plastic bag – in case the pooch has to answer the call of nature.

Brain Brew Radio

BBB: “This week Doug and David have ideas for rising to the top, supporting your non-profit, expansion, taking it to the next level, increasing web traffic, branding your services, creative packaging, and ideas for riding out the ups and downs of business.” Listen to the entire show.

Business of Babysitting

How do you state your charges and collect your money?

How to Highlight Your Unique Skills

Stop seeing yourself as a generalist and instead focus on your unique, transferable skills You must be better able to market and sell yourself (develop a personal brand, etc…) Develop a pitch that centers on your definition of an ideal job Identify those few key things that make you stand out from other similarly qualified candidates Show the numbers – your resume NEEDS to illustrate quantifiable results

Diamonds out of Dead People

Another, crazy (great) idea is that of LifeGem.

Taking out the Trash

Dan Sherman shares another of his screwball ideas for a new business: “Start a service for apartment dwellers.

Dying to Retire

The Window Manager: “Most people suspected it, but today’s WSJ ‘special report’ on retirement (no direct link yet) discusses a scientific study showing that people who were working at age 70 were 2.5 times more likely to still be living at age 82 than those who weren’t working.”

Consumer Segmentation Can Be Counterproductive

The process of segmentation is a process of exclusion.


How to Make Money on eBay

Make Money on eBay is a weblog by Tim Gilberg that can be great resource for entrepreneurs looking for new ways to make money online.