What Motivates Today’s Young Entrepreneurs?

Dr. Cornwall:

What is driving so many young people to pursue careers as entrepreneurs? Why are my entrepreneurship classes getting so FULL?? StartupJournal.com provides some insights into these trends. The article opens with Duke University, where they are seeing a reverse in this trend. But this is not the reality most of us are seeing at our schools. Duke has only graduate studies in business. Most if the boom in entrepreneurship studies has been in undergraduate programs, where students are not looking for a ticket out of corporate America, but are looking to take a road in life that will never lead them into the corporate world.

What are they looking for? They want more freedom. They seek a greater upside potential. They love the rush. They insist on the flexibility they can create through their own business. They like working for their own goals and their own measures of success in life. I can tell you that these students create an incredible energy everyday that I walk into the classroom. Their optimism and enthusiasm make my job pure joy.

FYI, Dr. Jeffrey R. Cornwall holds the Jack C. Massey Chair in Entrepreneurship at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.

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